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Guitar lessons: 10 reasons you should take them!

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Nov 21, 2019 12:20:36 PM

If you are trying to choose an instrument, then you have probably thought about guitar lessons at least once. After all, there are many great available tutors out there who could teach you everything, from the basic chords to sophisticated guitar solos. There are hundreds of great musical instruments for you to choose, and today we will mention 10 great advantages of playing the guitar.

Playing guitar is not that hard

Of course, like any instrument, practice makes perfect. And playing the guitar like a professional guitar player takes many years of constant effort and dedication! But unlike other instruments that take a lot of work just to produce the first sounds, with a guitar, you will probably get to play your first simple songs after only a few months of guitar lessons. That means it is a great instrument for enjoying even at the beginner’s stage! And in case you are wondering if it is right for your kid, 6-year-old children can also learn to play the guitar.

You get to sing while
playing it!

The guitar, like the piano, is a great complementary instrument for singers. You will easily learn to play your favorite song while singing them at the same time. In fact, a good guitarist that also sings can pull a wonderful one-man (or woman) show! Of course, you can also play the guitar and only the guitar, if singing isn’t your thing.

Your guitar will turn
into a means of expression

This is true of many musical instruments: they become a second voice! Playing your guitar is speaking your mind, it is creating, and it is expressing your deepest feelings, your most true heart desires. You just play… and let yourself carried away. Many guitar players state that it is easier talking through their instruments.

If you are really passionate about the guitar,
you will let the hours fly while playing. And it is good for your body as well!
Playing music has the same effect of exercising in the way your organism
produces endorphins, the hormones of pleasure and well-being.

A great instrument for
developing social skills

If you can play guitar, you will soon find
yourself surrounded by people that want to join you and singing some songs. You
could be the soul of the party! Besides, if you write songs and play with other
musicians, it will help you build a strong friendship. That, of course, as long
as you understand that playing in a group means learning to be tolerant,
respectful, and compromising.

It is fairly simple to
compose music with your guitar

Learning to play a musical instrument and learning how to read music at the same time can be quite challenging! However, if you decide to take guitar lessons, at first you will only need to study fix key notations. This means pretty soon you’ll be able to write down your own chords, and actually create new music! Besides, guitar players are able to improvise without the need to read sheet music more than other musicians. Of course, let’s set aside professional classic guitar players that still need to read traditional five-line staff music.

You can carry it
around with you

While the guitar is not exactly a tiny
instrument, it is still fairly simple to it carry with you. If you play the
guitar, you can take it to many places, whether to school (you can play it
during the breaks!), at a dinner party, or even outdoors. I bet it sounds
amazing to play your music while camping under the stars!

It is extremely

Of course, when we say “classical guitar” we may believe it is for playing Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, but we would be wrong! The guitar is an incredibly resourceful instrument that will allow you to play a wide variety of styles, from actually classical music to Spanish flamenco, from rock ’n roll to pop hit songs.

You can play it in a
band or solo

We already stated that playing the guitar you will enhance your social life. That will be especially true if you decide to join a band, or create one yourself! Most of the bands have at least one guitarist (who may or may not sing), so it will be pretty easy for you to find a place in a group. In most bands, the guitar harmonizes every other instrument. On the other hand, if you wanted to play an instrument such as a tuba or a tin whistle, you may find yourself in a struggle to find an open position in an orchestra.

However, if you want to play solo, the guitar
is also a great choice. Many guitarists find there is nothing as soothing as a
long guitar improvisation on their couch. It will help you relax and chill!

There is the money

Guitar lessons are perfect for students on a tight budget. First, because guitars are not as expensive as other instruments (in fact, you can buy a really cheap one for your first few lessons and move on to a better one later). Second, because there are many, many guitar tutors available (finding an oboe instructor in your neighborhood may be much harder!), so you can compare prices and find the most convenient one.

In fact, many students become tutors themselves after a few years of practice, so you could consider your guitar lessons as an investment. After all, you may end up teaching yourself the first chords to young children, or perhaps playing on a bar!

You can easily move to
other instruments 

After learning guitar, you will find it is easy to learn other instruments such as the banjo, the ukulele, the electric bass, or many other plucked string instruments that require a similar playing technique. Of course, each of them has its own tricks and peculiarities, but your guitar lessons will nonetheless provide valuable background.

Learning to play the guitar has many, many advantages. In the end, this is the most important factor: it is fun!

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