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10 Benefits of a Trial Music Lesson

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on May 14, 2020 8:17:32 AM

At Nabi Music, everyone gets the chance to take a trial lesson with one of our music tutors. In case you are wondering whether you should go for it, here we list 10 great benefits of a trial lesson. Our best instructors will be waiting for you to join in!

1) No commitments, no risks

While some sites offer a trial lesson which will later be discounted from your first payment in case you later decide to sign up for a course, here what we are offering is just a free music lesson. There is no need to sign up later and no obligation to take up any more lessons. We are certain that many of the people who take the trial lesson will be thrilled with it, and yes, possibly they’ll come back looking for more. But if this is not your case, it doesn’t matter! What do you have to lose? That’s right: absolutely nothing!

2) A way to expand your knowledge

Just taking a single trial music lesson will make you learn something new. Even if it’s something little, such as the name of a chord, or a piece of advice on how to hold your instrument or a warm-up exercise, it is still knowledge! You may invest some 30 minutes on learning something or spend them scrolling down your Facebook page glancing at ads instead. What would you choose?

3) A chance to try something new

Perhaps you’ve always fantasized on taking music lessons but you gave up because you’d be wasting your time. Instead, you go for something you already  enjoy, such as riding your bike or working on a scale model. Of course, old hobbies are fantastic! But there is no way to know if you love doing something unless you try it for the first time, right?

4) Get introduced to an instructor

The report you have with a music instructor makes half of the effectiveness of any music course! The trial lesson offers you a great chance to get to know an instructor. Who knows? The two of you may really hit it off, and this may be the beginning of a fruitful relationship between master and student!

5) Test out a new technology

In these difficult times of Coronavirus and the subsequent need to spend more time at home, a trial lesson may provide valuable tools on how to deal with online classes. What you learn could be more than music! You could get some experience you will later use for video lessons, language courses, etc. In case you’ve ever wondered, no, learning with a video tutorial is not the same as having a personalized online music lesson! The last one offers many advantages.

6) Music can boost your creativity

If you are considering taking a trial music lesson, we can guess music is not your major. However, maybe you do other kinds of creative activities, such as writing, painting, taking photographs, uploading great videos to YouTube, or cooking. Guess what? Among its many other benefits, studying music can enhance your creativity. And that applies to multiple fields in your life! All of which leads us to the next point.

7) You may unlock inspiration

Are you currently feeling stuck? Perhaps it is that term paper you are supposed to deliver in a week and you haven’t managed to put together yet. Or maybe you want to write a lovely email to your grandma on her 80th birthday and you feel you’ve run out of words. A music lesson, even a single, little trial lesson, could be a source of positivity, confidence, and inspiration. If you feel you have spent a lot of time procrastinating lately, turn off the TV, get up from your couch, and dedicate some time to learning music!

8) Music can reduce stress and promote relaxation

It is a widely proven benefit of music: it is good for anyone’s health. We have all experienced coming home after a long, hard day, driving through the rush hour, and still relaxing as we listen to our favorite song playing on the radio. Many parents already use music as a tool for calming down a toddler’s tantrums or helping their schoolers sit down and focus on their math homework. Not that we need them, but there are tons of academic studies that demonstrate how listening to music can increase the levels of endorphins and serotonin (the “good guys” when we speak about hormones) and reduces cortisol.

This means, the more music in your life, the least stressful it will be! A music lesson may get your mind off daily troubles and get you connected with the “here” and “now”, which is the basic key for relaxation.

9) It can help establish a new routine

In times of social isolation, home office, and homeschooling, establishing clear routines is key to being productive, and feeling useful and positive. Let us not forget there is also cooking, cleaning up, doing the daily chores, etc. If we can establish a routine, our lives would be simpler! In that sense, setting up something rewarding, such as a music lesson, after a long day of work, will make us feel motivated to keep up with the routine!

10) It can help you make better choices

There are hundreds of music tutors available, and while all of them are qualified and experienced, not every teaching style suits every single student. Perhaps you opt for someone whose classical formation doesn’t quite fit into your wishes for improvisation. Or if you find a great teacher who is used to teaching more advanced students, you may feel both of you don’t connect. A trial lesson is great because you can choose someone different if, for some reason, things didn’t work out as expected.

So, are you ready to sign up for your trial music lesson? Visit Nabi Music!

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