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10 Reasons to Play the Ukulele

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 16, 2020 3:28:35 PM

If you, or your children, want to learn how to play a musical instrument, then you should definitely take the ukulele into account! It is one of the most popular string instruments and every day, more people are signing up for online lessons to master its sweet and fun sounds. In case you haven’t made up your mind yet, and you still have to choose a new musical instrument, here we will give you ten great reasons to play the ukulele.

#1: It is easy to learn!

The uke is much simpler to learn than other popular string instruments, such as the guitar or the violin. This is because its nylon strings are softer, and it just has four of them, not six like the guitar. Most people who are learning how to play the guitar feel finger pain at first, but this won’t happen with the ukulele because you don’t need to stretch your fingers as much or put so much tension on your wrist. So if you always wanted to learn how to play a string instrument but you were feeling somehow demoralized, the ukulele is the right way to go!

#2: It is perfect for small hands

Some time ago, we gave you some tips for guitar players with small hands. In the case of the ukulele, because its fretboard is way thinner and shorter, this turns it into a great instrument for small-hands musicians. That’s right; it’s so easy that children will love it! It is light, they can carry it around effortlessly, and despite its small size, it is less fragile than other small string instruments such as the violin, so the youngest players can hold it without you fearing they might break it. And that leads us straight to the following point.

#3: It is an affordable instrument

When you need to buy your first guitar or keyboard, you need to consider the investment you are willing to make. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, ukuleles are inexpensive. Even a good-quality instrument is reasonably priced, so you don’t need to make a huge sacrifice or to save beforehand to buy one. The reason ukuleles are cheaper than guitars is because of its smaller size, of course, which means fewer materials and less work from the luthiers.

However, keep in mind that the cheaper the ukulele, the poorer the sound quality. If you find one available for less than $50, chances are it won’t keep tuned for long. Thus said, there are some perfectly nice ukes for around $75-150. This also lessens the stress about getting the instrument damaged when your youngest child plays it. Let them have fun!

#4: Many popular songs can be played on the ukulele

When you learn to play the ukulele, you don’t need to constrain your repertoire to “Somewhere over the rainbow” (although we all love Izrael Kamakawiwo’ole). From The Beatles to Elvis, from Metallica to Beyoncé, many, many popular songs can be played with a ukulele. Because the instrument only has four strings, most guitar chords are simplified and adapted, and after a few hours of practice and learning the first three or four chords, you will notice you can already play dozens of tunes!

Ukuleles are also great instruments for accompanying your singing, or for songwriting. Its limited range of notes makes it easy to adapt to any popular song.

#5: Perfect if you already play guitar…

If by now you play the guitar, a ukulele will be a great match, something that will add that little difference you need to enrich your performances. All your previous knowledge on chords and scales will come in handy and you’ll get adapted to the new size in no time!

#6: …and perfect if you want to learn other string instruments later!

The opposite is also true. Think, for example, about your four-year-old who wants so desperately to hold her big brother’s guitar. Playing such a big, heavy instrument can be challenging and even frustrating for a young child. But starting to play the ukulele is a great choice for moving on to more complex string instruments later. It is easy to elicit the first sounds from its light strings, and getting the first chords.

Besides, if you are unsure whether the guitar is the perfect instrument for you, trying with the ukulele may give you an idea without investing so much money, as we explained above.

#7: You can carry it around everywhere

Nowadays, we are all into online music lessons and staying at home as much as we can. But hopefully, before you know it, you’ll be out again, planning camping trips or going to your friends’ houses. In that sense, the ukulele is perfect! Its small size and extremely light weight make it ideal for taking it with you wherever you go. You can play it in the beach, in the park, or during the school break.

#8: You don’t need extra equipment or technology

Unlike electric instruments that require wires, amplifiers, etc. the ukulele doesn’t need you to spend money on anything else other than the instrument. Ok, maybe an extra set of strings just in case, but that’s it!

#9: It is a fun instrument!

Ukulele is a low-pressure, cheap, healthy, and fast way to relax and enjoy yourself. This reason for its own is valid for learning to play the ukulele or any instrument at all! Learning how to play music has some sorts of cognitive, social, and even physical advantages. But in the end, the most important factor to take into account is how much fun you have while playing music!

#10: There are many teachers available

Last but not least, if you seriously want to learn how to play the ukulele and not just constrain to a few online tutorials, in Nabi Music you will find plenty of tutors offered. It is really simple to request a music instructor, schedule your first trial lesson, and begin your learning process. And perhaps the ukulele is exactly the instrument you are looking for!

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