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Singing lessons: 10 reasons why they are totally worth it!

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jan 10, 2020 2:26:49 PM

Both children and adults could benefit from taking singing lessons. After all, our voice is the first musical instrument we learn to play! It allows all kinds of possibilities, from singing arias to pop hits, from country songs to touching ballads… Whether you like to sing in the shower or you dream about performing live in front of a crowd, taking care of your vocal cords and learning to use your voice adequately is fundamental. So here are the top 10 benefits from signing up for singing lessons.

Reason #1: Because you
want to!

Everybody wants to sing! But how many of us
have been told not to, because it was inappropriate, or rather because we
sounded awful? Most of us adults have been in that situation while young.
Therefore, we are ashamed of using our voice to express ourselves through
music. That’s so sad because the longing to sing is almost instinctive! Deep
down, we all wish to sing, because we were made to do it!

Here’s a secret: Singing is great for you no
matter what, it doesn’t matter how you actually sound! According to Stacy Horn
–author of the book Imperfect Harmony:
Finding Happiness Singing with Others
- people can experience the same
pleasure while singing despite the quality of their sound. It’s singing itself
what feels great, not the way our voice actually sounds.

Reason #2: Singing
lessons are great for your breathing

Singing is breathing! As a matter of fact, any singer should have total control of their vocal apparatus, as well as their respiratory system. Moreover, the breathing exercises singers perform as part of their routine may even help people with asthma or other breathing difficulties –of course, this doesn’t mean they should skip their doctor’s appointment! The good news is, some health conditions can actually improve after breathing exercises, and singing lessons are a fun activity when it comes to improving lung capacity!

Reason #3: You’ll
sleep better!

Speaking of which, singing regularly will help
you reduce the snore, providing you with a much better night rest, and also
your partner! While snoring may have many different causes (and, again, you
should ask the doctor), one of the reasons is having weak throat muscles. As
you exercise those muscles with your singing lessons, chances are that all those
sniffs and snuffs that are keeping you from having a healthy rest will
significantly decrease.

Reason #4: Babies and children love it

Because singing is such a natural activity, every new mom or dad sing to their babies. It is a great early stimulation even from the belly! And let’s not forget how much babies and toddlers enjoy lullabies! On the other hand, it is never too late to sing to your kids or to sing with them. This activity stimulates their brains, helping them relax and increase their concentration. Equally, children who sing –or listen to songs– experience lower levels of the hormone cortisol (the stress hormone) and higher levels of serotonin and oxytocins.

Reason #5: Singing makes children smarter!

According to a 2010 scientific study at the University of Münster (Germany), singing actually nourishes children’s brains. The study involved 500 children in kindergarten and could demonstrate that joyful playing singing supported their development in every aspect. Singing a song, or even humming, is a great exercise for activating both cerebral hemispheres and generating neuroplasticity, creating new connections between neurons and increasing the brain capacity for adaptive responses.    

Reason #6: Singing helps us develop social

People who sing are less aggressive toward others and improve their social interactions. This is not just because of the “happy hormones”, but also because as you sing with others, you make new friends, you meet people with similar interests, you feel less isolated, you take part in a community and develop your empathy. While all of that is more noticeable if you take part in a choir, even solo singers will gain from performing in a band, or just singing in front of other people (a fantastic exercise for getting rid of that social anxiety!).

Reason #7: Language development

As children or adults learn new songs, they increase their vocabulary and expression, learning to articulate better and gaining phonological awareness. This means music lessons come in handy when it comes to learning a second language! First, many singers can perform songs in different languages even if they don’t speak them. Second, taking singing lessons will make you a better listener while stimulating your memory for new words and sounds.

Reason #8: Singing improves your posture

While we have already stated that singing is good for your health because of your breathing, that isn’t all! Did you know that singing can help you stretch and achieve a better back posture? In fact, professional singers are trained to stand up straight, to project their voices and make proper use of their full lung capacity. There is no need to mention how important a good posture is for your health, right?

Reason #9: Singing is rewarding!

Few activities
are gratifying as singing together. That’s why so many people take part in
activities such as the church choir, karaoke parties with friends, creating a
music band, etc. Young and old people, men or women alike, everyone can enjoy
singing. Whether you want to make a living out of it, relieve the symptoms of a
disease, or you just want to have fun and release some stress, singing may turn
into a fundamental part of your life for good!

Reason #10: If you
sing, you may live longer

Some studies link singing with better life quality in patients with dementia, and some even state that it may help early prevent this disease through the many cognitive processes that take part in the activity. Because as you sing, you release the tensions of the day, you improve your social interactions while at the same time you get physical benefits, and on top of that, singing (especially group singing) is linked with a longer life span.

To sum up, we bet you are looking forward to taking singing lessons, aren’t you?

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