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3 Reasons To Take a Trial Lesson

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jul 2, 2020 3:22:06 PM

If you are one of those people who love listening to music but you think you are not good enough to become a musician yourself; if you always fantasize about taking music lessons but you feel you never have the time, with that tight work or school schedule; or if you want to learn something new but you are not sure whether you’ll like it or not; then you are the perfect candidate for one of the trial lessons Nabi Music offers to every new user.

By the way, although this article is not aimed at those who are already taking music lessons regularly, whether online or in a studio, it is still worth reading it, because maybe you know someone near you that could benefit from it! And, who knows? Perhaps you want to try learning a new instrument from scratch, or a new technique (if you have always played classical piano but you feel it is a good time for trying a jazz instruction, for a change.)

There are many benefits from taking a trial music lesson. Hey, I already took mine some time ago and I already told you about how great an experience it was for me. But If I had to make a quick summary of the top 3 reasons everyone should do so, here there are.

#1: Because it’s easy

Nabi Music offers you a trial lesson as soon as you get into the homepage. With every package of lessons you book, there is a trial lesson available that allows you to get to know your instructor. But before that, you select your instrument of preference (in a list that includes the most common musical instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, ukulele, and such, plus other 60!)

You can apply for the trial lesson by describing exactly what you are looking for. For example, “I’d like a piano teacher for two 6-year-old girls with no prior experience in music but who are enthusiastic and eager to learn their favorite songs”. And after providing a few data, you will start receiving applications in your email box. Just check the tutor profiles and select the one you like the most. Then, you schedule the trial lesson and that is it!

The process is simple and there is no prior commitment to pay for the lesson (that is why it’s a trial). If for some reason you didn’t like it, or you want to change the instructor, you can do so. But with so many professional music teachers at your services, chances are that you’ll love the experience and, by the time your first lesson is finished, you’ll be looking forward to your next class! And booking them is just as simple!

#2: Because it’s good for you

We cannot insist enough on how many benefits studying music has for anybody. There are several scientific studies that underline the cognitive advantages it offers for children and adults alike. Many parents who are turning to homeschool decide to include music in their children’s programs because they understand that music does not only increase their attention span and their concentration but offers all kinds of social advantages as well. It allows children to express their emotions, to better tolerate frustration, to become more perseverant, all qualities that are great for anyone, no matter what academic or professional path they decide to follow later in life.

As for adults, music also offers you a chance to relax and focus on the present, it helps you sleep better at night and, for some instruments, it improves your lung capacity or your posture, so one may even say taking music lessons is good for your body, your mind, and your soul. Especially during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, where social isolation has constrained many of us to long hours at home, music offers a way out, a diversion, and most importantly, a sense of purpose! If by now, you are tired of college assignments, doing home office, baking pies, taking Zumba lessons with online tutorials, and cleaning your house from top to bottom, taking a trial music lesson online may bring an unexpected and most welcome change in your routine.

#3: Because it may be the first step into a great journey

Preschoolers have the perfect age for starting to take formal music instruction. When they are this young, children absorb everything they are taught, they are more creative than ever, and could even become prodigies as it happens sometimes. Many famous musicians started taking music lessons when they were young and grew up to become huge stars. Of course, no parent should put this kind of pressure on their kids, but again, if you give them the chance, who knows how far they could get? The important thing is that they enjoy the path, don’t worry about the destination.

Ok, so perhaps you think you are too old to become a great musician. Let me state this clear: you are NEVER too old to learn something new! Perhaps you won’t become a prodigy or a billionaire by learning to play the guitar in your forties or fifties, but you will still gain valuable knowledge and have a great time. Maybe next time you and your friends get together you could play a little gig for them! And that’s as good as feeling like a rock star if you enjoy yourself.

Some people have not enough patience to practice their instrument every day, and if that’s your case, you can decide that performing music is not what you want, but studying musical theory or composition is! And you can do that too! In our directory many qualified instructors can teach you how to read music, what are the musical scales, or other main principles that will allow you not only better understanding the music you love, but also creating your own songs and pieces with the help of software, even if you are not a performer!

So there you are the top three reasons for signing up for a trial lesson. What are you waiting for?

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