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7 advantages of taking music lessons as an adult

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Nov 10, 2020 3:22:20 PM

Let me begin by telling you about a certain musician I know well: my husband! While he was a boy, he never took private music lessons. He never played an instrument outside the mandatory music class he had in school, and no one in his family was really into music. Perhaps his parents didn’t know by then how many benefits music offers when learning it at a young age. Or maybe he just was more into sports! Anyway, he was already in his late teens the first time he held a guitar.

And he loved it! He skipped a promising trip with his friends to spend his savings on his first guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul he still treasures.

Back then he had chosen to study journalism in college, but after a few years of taking private music lessons, he decided to change his career and prepared a hard exam for getting a place at a respected music academy here in Buenos Aires. He got in. And it was hard. Everyone told him it would take years for him to make a living out of music. That you just cannot become a great musician unless you study in your childhood. Luckily, he didn’t hear them. Good for him! With a lot of hard work, effort, and countless hours of practice (not to mention a supporting wife beside him, LOL) he finally got his professional title and he’s been working as a professional composer and a music teacher ever since.

What does my husband have to do with you? Simple: I find him to be the living proof that you don’t need to be a naturally gifted child to become a great musician. You can learn music by studying it as an adult. And even if you don’t want to be a professional musician, if you are already happy with your current job or career, taking music lessons as an adult still offers benefits! Here are some of them.

#1: You have clearer learning goals

When you are a child, your parents are the ones that usually make the decision that you should take up music lessons. Now, it is up to you! You know what you want to achieve with your music. Maybe you are determined to become a professional or to join a band. Or perhaps you are only looking for a new means of expression. In any case, you know what you are looking forward to. And that’s a great guide both for your music tutor as for yourself.

#2: You can follow your interests

Forget about long weeks practicing the scales and digitations exercises! When you learn music as an adult, you go after your interests, and you get to play the songs you like. Your tutor will probably show you why, after all, it still is a good idea to practice some digitations and learning basic theory, but only because it makes everything smoother.

#3: You learn at your pace

You have a lot of responsibilities: a job, maybe a house, a partner, even kids. You have your hands full, we get it. And you know what? Your music tutor gets it too! So if you have had a hard week and you didn’t practice as much as you wanted, it’s OK. You don’t need to rush, you are not being examined, and wherever your music takes you, you will walk that road in your own time.

#4: You can still make new friends

As we grow up, making new friends isn’t as common or easier as it used to be. But when adults are brought together by a common interest, such as music, they can still become close! Picture yourself joining a band or a choir with people about your age. It’s never too late to study music, and it’s never too late to meet new friends!

#5: You already have a good understanding of music

Little children need to learn music from scratch: music genres, rhythms, music concepts, it is all-new for them! But you have already developed a personal taste in music, you know what kind of music you like the most, and you know how certain styles, genres, and songs are supposed to sound like. You can develop your energies to getting things right (but try not to be too much of a perfectionist! It’s counterproductive!)

#6: You are more focused than most young children

Little kids may love their music lessons and still get distracted. Their attention span is shorter, they get tired, and music teachers have to put on a lot of strategies to keep their younger students engaged. You, on the other hand, are waiting for your music lesson, you pay for it, and you want to make the most of that time! So you’ll probably make up with more concentration the lack of plasticity you lost after childhood.

#7: Music offers you priceless “me-time”

Getting back to the responsibilities of being an adult, taking regular music lessons, and of course, practicing your instrument a little every day offers you a tremendous opportunity to disconnect from your work routine, the household chores, and the rest of the daily tasks. The time you spend playing your instrument is priceless because it is time for yourself, for nothing but enjoying and having fun! And let’s face it, adult life is not always amusing. Taking music lessons brings you that extra bit of enjoyment you deserve.

Still unsure which instrument should you take up? We’ll help you choose! You can take a look at the easiest ones, or have some fun and read our guide of instruments for each Zodiac sign!

So if you are already 18 or older and you are interested in music, don’t feel discouraged! You can still enjoy your lessons and gain lots of experience. And by now, you already know that learning is about the process, not just about the goal. Sign up today in Nabi Music and take your first trial lesson!

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