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Merry, merry Christmas! The best Christmas songs

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Dec 24, 2019 1:29:36 PM

December is the best moment of the year to listen to your all-time-favorite Christmas songs. Whether you choose classical pieces –like The Nutcracker-, you feel nostalgic with those oldies but goodies from the 1950s or you opt for a new top hit, there is as much Christmas music to last not only through this month, but to listen all year round if you want to!

Here we prepared a playlist with our Christmas songs of choice, for you and your loved ones to enjoy around the Christmas tree, when opening the presents, or when eating a delicious home-made dinner!

Christmas classical music

If you prefer to enlighten your home with the
beautiful sound of orchestra instruments and uplifting timeless pieces, these
tracks should definitely make your playlist!

  • “Troika”, by Prokofiev: Widely used in cinema scores right from the birth of sound films, this cheerful piece evokes Christmas parades and happy family times. This movement of Lieutenant Kijé takes its name from a traditional Russian three-horse sled.
  • “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”, by Mendelssohn: A classical choral piece that would fill anyone’s heart with joy and wonder.
  • “Christmas Oratorio”, by Bach: This complex and extensive oratorio was written for Christmas of 1734. Since then, it has been acknowledged as one of the most wonderful Christmas musical pieces ever composed.
  • “Nutcracker”, by Tchaikovsky: No wonder why this ballet has become a Christmas classic! It has been part of many, many soundtracks. Its libretto tells a fairy tale that takes place precisely on a Christmas Eve and it features children, toys, and magic all around!
  • “Christmas Waltz”, by Tchaikovsky: Another little yet wonderful piece by the previous Russian composer, ideal for ice-skating on a frozen lake!
  • “Silent Night”, by Gruber: One of the most famous Christmas carols of all time. Emotional enough to touch the hearts of even the most skeptics!

Most popular Christmas songs

So you want
something popular and fun, something every family member can enjoy, dance to,
or sing along? Here are some of the most requested Christmas songs!

  • “Jingle Bell Rock", by Bobby Helms: A classic from 1957, it will probably warm your home even if it’s freezing out there, and make grandpa and grandma dance!
  • “The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)”, by Nat King Cole: This gorgeous Christmas song has been recorded by many different artists, such as Michael Bublé, Christina Aguilera, or Ne-Yo this year, but we pick the original 1961 by the jazz King.
  • “It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”, by Bing Crosby: This is another innocent song from simpler times, written by Meredith Willson in 1951. There are many versions of it, but Bing Crosby’s is one of the most famous.
  • "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", by Judy Garland: This song was written in 1944 written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane for the movie “Meet me in St. Louis”, and again, it is a popular cover, but we stick to the original version.
  •  “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”, Brenda Lee: A cheerful song to keep playing over and over while dancing or opening the Christmas presents by the tree.
  • “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, by The Jackson 5: Ok, so we pick a cover this time! The song dates from 1932, but the version featuring a young Michael Jackson definitely takes us back in time!
  • “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”, by John & Yoko Plastic Ono Band: A touching ballad that expresses a message of non-violence, and ideals of equity, peace, and the end of everything that turns us human beings against each other. What more could we ask for Christmas?
  • “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, by Mariah Carey: Wait, weren’t we listing all-times classic songs? It may sound still new, but this song was released 25 years ago! Both The New Yorker and Rolling Stone magazine called it a classic, so why shouldn’t we?

New Christmas songs

We have listened to plenty of classic Christmas
songs, and now our children or our younger cousins are requesting something
they can actually relate to. So, are there any new additions from the past few
years to the Christmas playlist? You bet!

  • “Santa Tell Me”, by Ariana Grande: This fun pop song dates from 2013, but the young artist is at the peak of her career, so we may still include it as something cool for the kids, right?
  • “Candy Cane Lane”, by Sia: A melody that sounds at sweet and colourful as its title, by the popular Australian artist that brought us a bunch of great Christmas songs in her album Everyday is Christmas.
  • “Make it to Christmas”, by Alessia Cara: A melancholic song after too much sweetness. Is it possible to save a relationship to last through the holidays?
  • “Hey Sis, It's Christmas”, by RuPaul [feat. Markaholic]: Who says rap and Christmas don’t mix? This is the best song if you are planning a cool party with all of your friends. If you are sharing a bunch of ginger cookies with your great aunt, well, you’d better skip this track in your playlist!

Bonus track! Best Christmas movies soundtracks

The weeks before and after Christmas are great for gathering with your family around the TV at watching together some of the most popular Christmas movies while drinking a hot cup of chocolate. That sounds more like Christmas than binge-watching a whole series on your cell phone, right? Anyway, these movies also feature great soundtracks that make amazing Christmas playlists on their own! To name a few, we have got Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York; A Charlie Brown Christmas; Love Actually; When Harry Met Sally; The Nightmare Before Christmas; or The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Here in Nabi Music, we wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy our playlist and have a wonderful time with the people you love!

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