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Choosing a musical instrument based on your child’s personality

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Oct 13, 2020 3:00:56 PM

You know that studying music is great for children, and given its many advantages, you want your child to take music lessons. You don’t want to wait. After all, the sooner, the better! Learning music at a young age offers even more benefits in the long term.

So you definitely want to sign up your child for music lessons, but which instrument should you opt for if they have never learned before? It depends on many factors, such as your child’s age, their preferences if they already have some, and your current budget.

In previous articles, we have given you some hints on how to choose the right instrument for your kid. For instance, you may base your choice on the instrument’s popularity: piano and guitar are the obvious choices. And we have already given you some tips on what to do if you can’t afford a new, expensive musical instrument.

Today, let’s do something FUN! Get a piece of paper and a pencil, and get ready to answer a quiz: we’ll suggest the ideal instrument for your child based on her personality. Simply write down the answer letters that better suits your kid (there is more than one for each answer), and at the end, count which letter got the majority. Presto! That’s the best instrument for your kid! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Note: Please, take into account the answers for this quiz are merely suggestions, and therefore, it should be done mostly for fun.

1) How does your child feel when she’s in front of many different people, some of them even strangers? Think about a huge family gathering, a school play, or a science fair.

- She couldn’t be happier! She loves being in the spotlight (B, E)

- She’s a bit uncomfortable because there are so many behavior rules to follow; she may end up doing a mess, but mostly, she enjoys being with other people. (C, D)

- She doesn’t like it at all. She hides behind the teacher’s desk, behind the bushes, or under her mom’s skirt if possible! (A, F)

- She doesn’t really care, she keeps smiling and her dreamy eyes shine… she’s always in a little world of her own. (A, G)

2) Which of the following adjectives describes your kid’s attitude towards school homework?

- Responsible (A, B, F)

- Colorful (C, G)

- Messy (D, G)

- Spotless (A, B, E)

3) What kind of animal is your child’s pet? Or what kind of pet would you get for her given the chance?

- A cat, always clean, tidy, and quiet (A, F)

- A big dog to play with outdoors and spend all of her energy! (D)

- A really cute, small dog my child could pet and take to their friends’ houses without fearing they may tear everything apart (C, G)

- A little hamster, or a fishbowl, something that requires not too much time and effort from her part (F, G)

- A singing bird, she could spend hours listening to its chirps (B, E)

4) Besides music, which is your child’s main interest or hobby?

- Reading (A, F, G)

- Playing sports (C, D)

- Hanging around with friends (C, E)

- Joining extracurricular activities, such as the science club or the math Olympics (A, B, E)

- Cooking, knitting, carpentry, doing indoor activities by herself (B, F)

- Painting, pottering or writing poetry (E, G)

Quiz answers

So, now count how many letters of each you got from your answers. Here is our suggestion of instruments based on your child’s personality!

Majority of A -Piano: This instrument is ideal for quiet, patient children who could enjoy long times of practice, and do not feel the need to shine all the time. Indeed, it may take several years before they can give concerts. But they may enjoy playing the piano by themselves as well as with others.

Majority of B -Violin: If your child is extremely sensitive to music, and she has the perseverance to pull herself always further, then the violin may be a great companion! It is also a great instrument for children who want to shine and gain recognition for their accomplishments.

Majority of C -Guitar: Is your child friendly and easy-going? The guitar is a great instrument for extroverted children since it fits on all kinds of bands or assembles. It’s easily portable, ideal for adventurous kids who love hanging out with friends.

Majority of D -Drums: Your child seems tireless! If she’s always full of energy and has some trouble following the rules, playing this instrument may help her do some workout while, at the same time, learn about following the beat, playing along with others, and keeping track of time.

Majority of E -Singing: Taking singing lessons is great for any personality: shy children may gain social confidence and find a great means of expression. But if your child is the center of the family party, the president of the class, and the one who always gets invited to play dates, she will adore feeling like a pop star during her music lessons!

Majority of F -Orchestra instruments (horn, piccolo, triangle, bells, etc.): Is your child is somehow serious for her age, maybe a little insecure? She feels comfortable neither practicing long hours every day nor being in the spotlight. Yet, you know music offers her many benefits. Why don’t you give her the chance to join an orchestra and play at least a little –but meaningful- part of it? She’ll take her part seriously, and gain confidence. Make sure she knows she has the freedom to try and switch among instruments if she wants to (you can always rent them). The important thing is to try something new.

Majority of G -Ukulele, recorder, or tin whistle: Your child is dreamy, gets lost in her fantasies, and perhaps what she needs the most is an instrument to have fun with, something that doesn’t require long, exhausting hours of practice. These instruments are perfect for carrying them around, improvising, and creating her own tunes to reflect her inner, colorful world.

We hope you had fun taking the quiz! Let’s insist on the answers being just suggestions. Your child should definitely have a saying when it comes to learning a new instrument.

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