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Father’s Day is coming: Make Your Dad Feel like a Rock Star!

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 18, 2020 2:27:40 PM

This week, we are celebrating fathers in many countries of the word! How important is your father to you? Perhaps, he is the one who held your hand for the very first time the day you were born. Or maybe he taught you how to ride your bicycle, how to play catch, how to cook his secret spaghetti sauce, or to play your first guitar chords… For many of us, our father is one of the most important people in the world. Today, we are going to give you some useful suggestions on how to make his day truly special and make him feel like a real rock star!

Give him a musical present!

Are you still thinking about what gift should you buy for your dad? Don’t take so long! Although most online stores can deliver in 24 hours or less, special dates usually have them busy. Here are a few ideas for presents:

  • The most obvious choice would be a CD… well, at least if your father is Gen-X or a Baby Boomer. The truth is nowadays most young people don’t spend money on physical albums, but rather download them from platforms. You know your father better than us! Perhaps he’s a collector and still keeps vinyl records, or maybe he’s all into new technologies, and a year subscription to Spotify would be much appreciated!
  • How about a book about music? If your father is a musician, there is lots of downloadable sheet music available from Amazon, a great idea of a present if you are on a tight budget. And if he is just a music enthusiast, he might get excited on titles such as This is your brain on music: the science behind a human obsession, by Daniel J. Levitin, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, by Donald S. Passman, or How music works, by David Byrne.
  • Earphones, speakers, a microphone for singing karaoke, and of course, a new musical instrument… all those presents are great for music-loving fathers of all ages.
  • If you like to plan ahead (even way ahead) you can invest in concert tickets. Most artists and bands are rescheduling their dates for later this year, or even 2021, but this often means you can get great tickets for a lower price.

Write a special song to him

If you have no money at all, or if your family already brought a present for dad, and you still want to prepare something really special for him, we suggest writing a unique song for him! It doesn’t have to be a hit song or feature in the 100 Billboard; it just has to express your love! If you play some musical instrument, perhaps it can be just a melody. However, if you are feeling inspired, personalized lyrics are definitely going to touch his heart!

So now you have a song. You can record it, of course, but we have a better idea! How about performing it right after lunch on Father’s Day? Hey, if your mom and your siblings are on board, you may even consider organizing a family gig and broadcast it by Zoom or other video platforms to members of the family that live apart! Keep a box of tissues nearby, you know, just in case!

Prepare him a special Father’s Day playlist

All right, so you are not so much of a songwriter, but you can still select some of the most beautiful songs ever to share with your dad on his special day! Here are a few classics that will make an excellent playlist for the occasion:

  • “Ode to my family”, by The Cranberries. A sweet, a little melancholic Irish tune with lovely lyrics on the importance of family bonds. “My mother, my mother she'd hold me / Did she hold me, when I was out there / My father, my father, he liked me / Oh he liked me, does anyone care?”
  • “Father and son”, by Cat Stevens: A touching ballad that represents a dialogue between an experienced father and a young son who is growing up fast. “You're still young, that's your fault / There's so much you have to know / Find a girl, settle down / If you want you can marry / Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy”.
  • “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own”, by U2: A beautiful song about an adult son who resembles his aging father so much and he is proud of it. “And it's you when I look in the mirror / And it's you when I don't pick up the phone / Sometimes you can't make it on your own”.
  • “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”, by Reba McEntire: A homage a daughter makes to all those fathers who love their children but sometimes they are too busy to spend time with them. We love them, no matter what! “The greatest man I never knew came home late ev'ry night, / He never had too much to say. Too much was on his mind.”
  • “Just the two of us”, by Will Smith: No more sad songs! Let’s end the day singing and dancing together! “Just the two of us, building castles in the sky / Just the two of us, you and I”.

Sign him up to online music lessons

Last but not least, if you know your dad loves music but he never has the time to practice, or even to learn how to play his favorite musical instrument, you could get him a subscription for online music lessons here on Nabi Music. This way, you will not only be giving him the gift of music but some special time for him to do something he will really enjoy!

And, in case you are wondering, no, he is not too old to take his first music lesson ever; we can learn music at any age! And in every moment of life, music offers many benefits. If you choose one of our music tutors, remember that when you purchase a package of lessons, you get a free trial one!

So, how are you planning to spend Father’s Day?

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