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Get a Free Music Lesson in 3 Minutes!

Posted by nabimusic on Aug 20, 2020 2:07:16 PM

You want your child to learn music. You percieve them inspired and motivated enough. And they actually have a little time off right now! Then, don’t overthink it! Your child could be having their first music lesson for free in less time than it takes you to read the following article. Here’s how!


First, you go to Nabi Music. It is our online community of teachers, parents, and students, all joined together for our love of music! Click on the light blue button “Find an instructor” (the same page allows you to sign in for teaching jobs if you are a musician looking for more students).

The next step is signing up as a parent or as a student. If the lesson is for someone younger than 18 years, parents need to sign up on their behalf. If you want more than one child to take lessons, don’t worry! You only need to do this step once. In our website’s improved version, we added a Family Studio that allows you to book and keep track of all lessons for your family.

As you register, you need to provide basic info: your name & surname, email, birthday, a real phone number, and how did you hear about us.


To ensure safety both for our students and teachers alike, you are asked to verify your phone number. This is easy! It only takes a few seconds to receive a code that you will use to verify your data and allow you to schedule your free trial lesson.

Student info

There is very little we ask before allowing you to schedule a music lesson: student’s name, birthday, an instrument of choice, and current student level. That is IT!

When it comes to the instrument of choice, you’ll see the five most requested instruments already on the screen, but if you are looking for some other instrument, simply click “Other” (we have instructors for over 60 instruments!).

Do you think your child is a little young for taking piano lessons, but she insisted on taking some along her big brother? Or perhaps does your child have special needs? No problem! You’ll have the chance to discuss further details once you get to know the instructor.

Schedule the lesson!

Once your Family Studio is already created, you only need to set a date and an hour to schedule your kid's first music lesson! Just make sure you check the Time Zone. There’s nothing else you need to do! An instructor will be assigned and your child will take the first trial lesson at the exact time you requested!

And all of this process won’t take more than 3 minutes of your time.

Think about it. 3 minutes. It is probably less than it took you to read up to here.

And you get a free music lesson!

You have nothing to lose, and plenty of benefits to gain!

What are you waiting for? Join our community now and start taking advantage of learning music in the comfort of your home!

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