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How to Choose the First Guitar for Your Kid?

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Sep 15, 2020 3:19:40 PM

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are wondering how to choose your child’s first guitar. It is great that you’ve made up your mind and picked one of the most popular instruments of all time! However, if your kid is still young, you should take into account a few details when you order their first guitar: their age, the size of their hands, the weight of the instrument, etc.

Here are a few suggestions that may come in handy, together with several guitar models and prizes to orientate you. Later, when you are ready to sign up your kid to music lessons, on our website you will find plenty of guitar instructors that are fully qualified to teach in a studio, at your place, or online.

For ages 1 to 3

A little piece of advice is needed: if your child is still a toddler, you may want to reconsider exposing her to formal music lessons yet. They can surely enjoy music, and being in touch with their first musical instrument through play and exploration is certainly a way to develop their curiosity and interest in music. However, the guitar is a difficult instrument for children who are so little and have so immature fine motors. They may get frustrated when they realize the instrument is so hard to hold, not to mention they are yet to gain the necessary force to pluck the strings. Giving them some toy drums, a colorful xylophone, or a child’s keyboard might be a better choice.

Thus said, if your little one is impatient to have her first guitar, there are a few choices available. More than proper guitars, they are ukuleles. Just don’t freak out if she smashes them rather than playing them, and keep in mind they are only transition instruments until she outgrows them, which will happen really soon.

  • Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele Wooden Musical Toy: This is more a toy than a guitar, but it can be appealing for little children who are always trying to put their little hands on their elder sibling’s real guitars. Children can play it two ways: freestyle or play along. The best part is mom or dad can control the volume! You can find it on Amazon for $20.
  • POCO DIVO Baby Duck Ukulele 4-String Toy Guitar: The design of this little guitar is soooo cute! Your kid will surely love it too! It has four smooth strings that will keep their little fingers safe. You can purchase it on Amazon for $23.
  • Hape Kid's Wooden Toy Ukulele: A colorful, toxic-free, sturdy instrument that can encourage your little one to love music right from the start. It is easy to tune and as durable as it can get for an instrument for children this young. Also available in Amazon for $ 29.

For preschoolers

For children age 3 and up there are more instruments available. Most of them are unsuitable for toddlers because they contain small parts, so make sure you only get one of these to a child who can longer refrain from putting toys in their mouths. If your child is already requesting a guitar but their hands are still really small, you can opt for one of these models.

  • Hape Kid's Flame First Musical Guitar: Because of its small size it looks like a ukulele, but this little guitar has already its six strings. Perfect for young beginners! You can purchase it for $38.
  • Loog Mini Acoustic Guitar: This is no longer a plastic toy guitar. It is made from real wood and it elicits real sounds! However, it is really simple to play because it has three strings instead of the usual six. It includes flashcards and diagrams to help your child learn their first tunes. Available in Amazon for $ 79.

For ages 6 to 10

Once your child begins school, they reach a perfect age for receiving formal music instruction. If before they used a toy guitar or a little model such as the ones we mentioned above, you may want to consider switching them to a larger guitar –not a full-size of course. ¾ scale guitars are perfect because they will last many years. If you notice the prices, you’ll see you don’t want to be changing models every year, but as long as your child takes good care of their instrument, they may last way into their teens. For example:

  • Yamaha CGS102A 1/2-Size Classical Guitar: For children who are still young, or small, but have been playing for quite a while, Yamaha offers this scale model that has a rich sound but it’s easier to play than bigger guitars. It is highly recommended based on the price-quality range. Available at Austin Bazaar for $ 140.
  • Taylor Swift Signature Baby Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar: A ¾ scale guitar, perfect for children who want to achieve a more mature sound. If they have been playing for some time now, it’s worth the price! Available in Taylorguitar for $369.
  • Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar: The smallest guitar from a well-renowned guitar manufacturer, this is an instrument of great sound quality and versatility, that even advanced guitar players may purchase for carrying all along because of its portability. Available in Martin Guitar for $ 459.

For ages 11 onwards

At this age, the size and weight of your child’s guitar depend on theirs. In any case, they could make use of these recommendations for guitar players with small hands. If later, when they grow up, their fingers get longer, the better! But the hand size hasn’t stopped guitarists from playing and enjoying their guitars!

We hope all these recommendations are useful when purchasing the first guitar for your kid. In case they change their mind and would rather take piano lessons, in a previous article we already mentioned some of the best keyboards for kids you can buy online.

Good luck in your search, and enjoy the music!


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