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How to Find the Best Music Instructor

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on May 12, 2020 12:56:18 PM

Music instructors play a huge role in awakening their student’s love for music. They are not only teaching how to play the right chord on the keyboard or how to tune a guitar; they are passing down a gift! And music is a passion that may last a lifetime.

With all of that in mind, if you want your children to take up music lessons, you probably won’t settle for just a good music instructor: you want the best you can find! At Nabi Music, many of our instructors have a great music background, which can help you or your child learn and develop through their practices. Here are some recommended key attributes to look for when picking your favorite teacher.

Video profile

It is not mandatory to upload a video profile to become an instructor. However, it is a valuable tool. Through the unique video profile of any given instructor, you can actually get a feel of who they are. If you watch the video and you like the way he or she explains, and how the instruments sound, you will probably enjoy their lessons as well. This is even more important if you are signing up your child for online music lessons: it’s great to check out beforehand the report the tutor has with technology and the camera!


First, you have to help your child pick up their instrument of preference. If this is the first time you are signing them up for music lessons, perhaps you should opt for one of the easiest musical instruments for children.

Second, now that you know which instrument the child is going to learn, you will probably have many tutors available. Just make sure the instructor you choose has the capability to teach the level of the instrument you are looking to learn. Some instructors are fabulous musicians, but are not used to teaching beginners!

Teaching location

Where are you most comfortable taking lessons? Online, in a studio, and at home are our three options. A studio –whether a rented place or in the tutor’s home- usually offers technical advantages, as it is better equipped, it can be sound-proof, etc. However, some parents prefer not to send away their young children, and would rather pay extra if the tutor needs to commute and provide the lessons in the student’s place instead.

Of course, young children gain many benefits from the one-on-one interaction with the music teacher, but in the context of the pandemic and the recommendations of social distance, taking online lessons is not only the safest choice, but it may also offer huge advantages.


When it comes to taking lessons (not only music lessons), keeping a regular schedule is the best. We may all have unexpected situations that may force us –or our child- to skip a lesson every once in a while, but the most regular the lessons, the more constant the practice and the faster the progress!

Therefore, you should be able to commit to a certain timetable and make sure it doesn’t interfere with other extra-curricular activities of your child. Because many instructors have a schedule unique to them, be sure to check if their lesson time frames will work with your or your child's weekly schedule.


Many instructors differ in their experience. And this doesn’t mean that age should be an indicator! In fact, a young instructor may have plenty of experience teaching kids, while someone with long years of experience as a professional musician may not be used to working online, or with very young students. Remember that someone may be a gifted interpreter, but only recently have turned towards teaching. In any case, we recommend looking at their previous employment and teaching background.

Background check

Nothing is more important than safety. When you send a child to school, you want to be certain that all of their teachers are not only qualified but also responsible and caring. The same applies to music lessons, of course. When you are looking for someone who is going to spend time with your child –whether in traditional lessons or online- you should always look for instructors with verified background checks.

In any case, given that we mention online music lessons, every time your child connects through technology, you should supervise their activities. Remember to install proper filters when they search the web and tell them to report any strange or unusual content they might bump into. The instructor may be a great professional, but even the most innocent link on a YouTube video or on a page with sheet music to download may lead you to an inappropriate website if you don’t use parenting control software.

Listen to their music

Last but not least, take into account your child should play the music they really enjoy. And while it is not a must that their instructors should listen to every kid’s favorite artist or bands, it is still a good idea to look for someone with a similar musical taste. You can learn your instructor’s musical taste by listening to their SoundCloud music or watching their YouTube videos.

Someone who is really into Spanish guitar and Flamenco music may not be the best choice if all your 11-year-old wants to do is play Heavy Metal. If your child dreams of playing Mozart on her piano, someone who is really into experimental music may not be as appropriate as someone else with a classical background. Try picking up an instructor that plays or listens to music your child at least shows some interest in. The two of them will probably hit it off way better!

We have more than 300 music tutors available from many different parts of the world and play all kinds of musical instruments. Our instructors come from all different backgrounds; look for someone who you think will enhance your child’s experience best!

Are you ready for your trial lesson? Choose you favorite instructor and start learning!

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