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How to Prepare For Online Music Lessons

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 4, 2020 4:39:39 PM

The time has come; you have made up your mind and signed up for your first online music lesson. That’s great! Music offers many different benefits both for your physical and mental state. In these difficult times of social isolation, keeping yourself active and doing something you enjoy is more important than ever. Learning to play a musical instrument from the comfort of your home is a great investment. It will make the long hours shorter, keep you connected with some positive emotions, and have you motivated.

Online music lessons offer many benefits, from not wasting any time commuting, to spending less money due to considerably lower rates. Hey, if you are doing it through Nabi Music, the trial lesson is free! So, now you are probably wondering how to get ready before your first lesson, right? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here is all you need to know to prepare yourself for online music lessons.


First things first. It may seem obvious if you think about it, but having a good Internet connection is a must when it comes to taking lessons online. We are not speaking of downloading free video tutorials, but supporting live streaming video and audio of a minimum requested quality. Besides listening to the instructions and notes playing, you need to see your tutor, and the tutor needs to see you! How you hold your instrument, how you move your fingers, etc.

You may believe anyone has access to the Internet at home nowadays. Yes, of course, you have WiFi and you can take the lesson in your room! However, are you sure you haven’t scheduled your lesson at the same time another member of the family is hosting a Zoom meeting when working from their home office? Make sure the broadband speed is enough to support everyone at the same time, and not just you and your music lesson.


To take a music lesson, all you really need is a camera and a microphone, which we are pretty confident your desk computer already has. If truth be told, you don’t even need them if you have a Smartphone with a WiFi connection! Just place your phone with a stand holder (which can be easily replaced by a stack of papers or a pile of your old CDs). A tablet may also work. In any case, make sure the battery is fully loaded before the time of the lesson.

Of course, the better the equipment, the higher the sound and image quality you’ll get. If you invest in a great set of speakers you’ll appreciate the lessons better, but if you don’t, don't let this stop you from getting started with your online music lessons anyway.

Being organized

Something that you need to take into account when booking online lessons (not only music lessons but any online meeting, class, course, etc.) is getting organized. Always remember that there is a person on the other side of the screen. The music tutor that you requested has saved some of her time to teach you a class. If you are late, or you just forget about it, you are wasting their time. It’s just a matter of respect: if for some reason the teacher couldn’t make it, you’d expect some kind of notification and apologize, right? Well, you are absolutely right, and the same applies the other way round.

Therefore, if you need to cancel a class, make sure you notify your instructor on time. Of course, we can all have an inconvenient: there is a power cut in your house a few minutes before you had to take the lesson, one of your children gets sick, or you get yourself locked in your grandma’s elevator (and if you feel I’m making too much out of it, I’m not, as they’ve all have happened to me!). But most of the time, you know beforehand if you need to reschedule a lesson: for instance, when you just realized there’s a doctor’s appointment at the same time. Try notifying Nabi Music 12 hours in advance so your lesson can be rescheduled. Otherwise, you’ll lose it!

Last but not least, remember to save some time to practice in between the lessons. It is the only way you’ll notice progress. If you don’t, you can still take the weekly lesson, but you won’t feel you have advanced much, and neither will the teacher.

Lots of enthusiasm!

Ok, so are you good to go? Now you have checked that you have all the necessary technology at your service. You have managed to find a great music tutor online, and you have already requested your first music lesson. You have booked the appointment in your calendar and you are saving yourself that specific time to pick up your instrument and play some good music!

We bet you are feeling excited and somehow nervous, right? That’s totally OK! You can tell your tutor this is the first time you are taking an online lesson (who knows? Perhaps it’s the first time you take a music lesson in many, many years!). They’ll understand. We all feel nervous during our very first class. Remember when you were little and you went to school. You had to meet your new teacher, find out what was your classroom like, and if any new students could become your friends…

There’s nothing strange about it. Any new experiences make us feel a little jumpy at first, even if we are already grown-ups. Here is a little secret: your new music teacher is probably a little nervous too! After all, they want to make the best possible first impression when they introduce themselves to you! Don’t worry! After a little while, everything will flow and music will start to happen! Relax, enjoy it, keep calm, and don’t be concerned if you cannot properly tune your guitar or if it’s the first time ever you blow into a tuba. Your new tutor has plenty of experience and they are used to working with beginners like you.

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