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Best musical gifts for your kids this Christmas

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Dec 2, 2019 2:04:13 PM

Are you thinking about choosing musical gifts this year? Have your children written their letter to Santa yet? There are many, many options available out there for music lovers! Whether you opt for a new musical instrument, for any sort of musical toy, or for a wonderful musical experience, in the following list you will find something that will make your children happy for sure!

Musical gifts for babies and toddlers

Young babies can learn to appreciate and love
music before they can utter a word or even pick up a rattle! While they are
young, you can always buy them a CD, which is better than downloading the album
because they get to play with the box and see the wonderful pictures on the
cover. Of course, they are way too young to begin playing a musical instrument,
but they can still have lots of fun with percussion instruments such as bells,
drums, rattles, or even a xylophone.

A music box or a musical mobile for hanging over the crib are great choices. There are also musical teddy bears, all of them with soothing sounds that will help them calm down and peacefully fall asleep –hopefully, for an all-night-long rest!

Of course, if the parents or any other member of the family are huge fans of a certain band, there are adorable baby onesies on eBay. You can select the inscription according to your favorite music genre, the instrument you play, etc.

Musical presents for older children

If your child is in kindergarten, or nearly 6 years
old, then it is the best possible time to help them choose a musical instrument
and for signing them up to music lessons. Perhaps you can buy an electric
keyboard, a small guitar for their small hands, a ukulele, or a flute… all of
them are perfect if Santa is on a budget or if you are not so sure whether they’ll
like the instrument or prefer to change it for another one.

If your child likes to sing, you can get them a karaoke microphone! There are many Bluetooth wireless models you can get on Amazon or eBay for $25, or even less! However, if the whole family bunch is excited about this kind of present, you may consider investing in a 4-Channel Wireless Microphone System that will bring all the family plenty of fun while you perform your favorite songs.

Toys and games

Your kids love music but they don’t play their instruments yet? Ok, so how about adorable little dolls that sing when you squeeze their bellies? The Opera Dolls ($ 35 each) may be a great present for little enthusiasts of classical music! Or these vintage Bluetooth speakers, a great companion for sleepovers with their best friends.

In addition, another great present that the whole family can share is Encore, a really fun board game in which you have to remember as many lyrics as you can… and sing them, of course!

Other ideas of musical gifts

If your child already plays an instrument, you can always add some accessories to your shopping list: a new guitar strap, for example; some new pedals; a clip-on tuner; a folding music stand for their sheet music; new guitar strings; or perhaps a Gator C-Club musicians backpack, for carrying around their instrument and finding more times to practice. Not only children but people all ages may enjoy a t-shirt from their favorite band. And you know what would be even better?

The gift of musical experience!

How about concert tickets wrapped up in the new t-shirt? That would be a great surprise for sure! A new set of wireless headphones, a waterproof speaker they can even take to the shower or the beach, an actual jukebox you can connect to your iPod…

Even more, another amazing idea for a musical experience is buying your child an instrument and adding to the package a coupon for music lessons! You will be giving them so much more than just a present! You will be getting them a new life experience that will bring them joy and many, many cognitive benefits!

How about music books
for a present?

There are many books about music that any musician or music lover would appreciate. In the first place, you can always buy them sheet music books. Secondly, you can select a biography of a famous musician or band. Some of them are written by all-time favorite music stars themselves, such as Me, by Elton John; Book of Longing, by Leonard Cohen; The Beautiful Ones, by Prince; or Year of the Monkey, by Patti Smith.

Last but not least, other books are not written
by musicians but will surely catch their interest and teach them new things.
For example, This Is Your
Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession
by Daniel J.
Levitin; How Music Works, by David
Byrne; or, for younger readers, Music is…
by Brandon Stosuy and Amy Martin.

Musical gifts for a
tight budget

So you need to buy a whole bunch of presents and you want something related to music? In that case, there are many options available as well! For instance, enamel pin badges, novelty mugs, even scented candles or bumper stickers for your car, motorcycle or bicycle. There are music notebooks, pens, bijou, or some great vintage record coasters for your coffee table. If they already have their instrument of choice, you can add some colorful guitar picks, a new set of drumsticks, or removable piano stickers for enhancing their learning process.

Of course, there are all kinds of DIY music gifts,
such as making a mixed tape (or a USB, or playlist), preparing your own music
clip with photographs of great moments you shared this year, or even writing
yourself a song! You can record it at home or perform it live in front of all
the guests after Christmas dinner!

So, have you made up your mind about what kind of musical gifts you will get your kid this year? Let us know in the comments!

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