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A Music Teacher True Story: Introducing Melodic Diaries & Lessons in Sessions

Posted by nabimusic on May 19, 2020 1:18:35 PM

Dear Nabi instructors,

In January 2020, we started to shape a new dream: an innovative music learning experience that would bring together parents, children, and music instructors from all around the globe. Only four months later, we are so proud and happy of we’ve all accomplished so far! With over 500 users, Nabi Music is an exponentially growing community that has reached young enthusiasts (and not so young as well!). Thanks to our 455 passionate instructors, of any musical instrument you could think of, many students are able to begin their musical path through learning, progressing and, most important, loving music deeply!

While we launched this platform with the primary goal of bringing together students and tutors from the same cities, the world changed overnight. Instead of giving up, we managed to turn the difficult situation into an opportunity, and today, more than ever, students from different parts of the world are choosing music and online lessons to make good use of their time at home. Signing up for music lessons is for many people the ideal way to make the best out of a difficult experience. Thanks to this platform we have built together, every day more music tutors have a way to increase their incomes doing what they love the most: teaching music!

From the start, Notes On The Go, the Nabi Music Blog has played a huge role in attracting new audiences and new users to our community. With Notes On The Go, which is updated twice a week, we are able to provide parents with unique content that motivates their involvement in their children’s musical path. Music students, of course, get access to helpful information, and instructors too can find valuable resources for enriching their music lessons.

Now, we proudly present 2 new blog sections that we’ll release shortly, and that will allow instructors to get more visibility –and thus, more students- and, at the same time, get in touch with their colleagues, exchanging personal experiences that we could all use to make our music lessons more profitable, engaging, and fun!

“Melodic Diaries”

Once a week, our blog will feature an entrance dedicated to one instructor of our community in which he or she will tell their personal story on music. We want to get close and intimate about details such as why did they choose to become musicians, where does their love for music come from, who were the people (whether famous or family members) who inspired them, what was the first song they ever learned to play… Besides, in your personal melodic diary, you can choose to include multimedia, such as videos, audios, or pictures.

Every week, the section will feature a new instructor. Through these diaries, students will get to see the person behind the musician, their true struggles and challenges, and hopefully feel encouraged to overcome the difficulties in their learning path.

“Lessons in Sessions”

Once a month, this new section will cover every aspect of an instructor's teaching experience –both within the Nabi Music platform or in your own professional trajectory. The guest instructor of the month will have a chance to share some unique learning tips, recommendations, and strategies. Or -who knows?- perhaps they want to share a funny story, anecdotes on the classroom, or a touching story about a student that changed them forever…

These Lessons in Sessions are the best opportunity to strengthen the bond between colleagues, and of course, also catching the eye on new potential students or their parents!

Stand in the spotlight!

Nabi Music instructors that feature any of our 2 new sections will get a unique chance to become more visible, to attract a specific audience who are looking for a tutor just like them. But that’s not all! It is the perfect chance to tell your own story, to review your trajectory either as a musician or as a teacher, and to take a proud look at all of your accomplishments so far.

So, are you in?

If you want to be on the next “Melodic diaries” or “Lessons in Sessions”, you will need to fill out a form sharing your experiences. Our content writer will receive and evaluate them, and she will later write the post based on what you decide to share. If possible, the two of you may engage in a brief interview to really get into those juicy details readers crave for!

The post will be published both in our blog and in our Instructors’ Facebook groups, Nabi on Tempo and Nabi Prodigies.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!

Best wishes,

The Nabi Music Team

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