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Melodic Diaries: Sara P., a cool mom, and her two little singers!

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Sep 18, 2020 3:30:03 PM

Here at Nabi Music, we are more than just a portal for people who want to teach or to learn music. We like to think about our members as a community! Some time ago, one of our instructors decided to share his experience through our Melodic Diaries. Today, it is Sara Prince-Edgar’s turn, the first-hand experience of a mom from Nevada who is happy with the music lessons her kids are receiving, but who also has a lot –and I mean A LOT!- to teach us, and other families, about the advantages of homeschooling.

A mom with plenty of experience in homeschooling

Sara is the creator of It’s Cool, Mom!, a website full of resources, tips, and parent support for mums or dads who, as she did, have decided they want to homeschool their children. We have already stated that a growing number of American families opt for this system each year, and the COVID-19 pandemic has turned homeschooling into a worldwide tendency. So we all have a lot to learn about people like Sara, with years of fruitful experience who are also willing to help other families with advice and more.

If you, like me, are educating your children at home because of the pandemic, Sara’s website may provide useful tips and information. And if you are considering that homeschooling is the best choice, despite being able to send your kids back to traditional schools, Sara can guide you through laws & requirements, which can be quite challenging if you are unfamiliar with them. Even if you don’t wish to homeschool, her website offers great advice for all kinds of families, such as tips for creating amazing bedtime routines, having great family fun, or dealing with usual parenting problems such as misbehavior.

Being a mom of 3, and also an entrepreneur who works from home, Sara is extremely happy with her decision to homeschool her daughters, because it has allowed her to be more time with them, expand their horizons, traveling together, and learning while guiding their girls thorough this journey.

The importance of music in homeschooling programs

Learning music at a young age is important in every child’s curriculum. Music increases learning abilities such as memory, attention, and concentration. It helps children socialize and deal with frustration. Learning how to play a musical instrument –or how to sing, in this case- helps them build healthy self-esteem, to persevere, and to become better learners in other school subjects as well.

Many scientific studies prove the advantages of taking music lessons. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Sara believes that music is an extremely important component in the education for every child: “Having a great option for teaching children about music in the homeschool environment is highly valuable and should be a part of every kid’s homeschool experience at some point”. She found in Nabi Music a way to channelize her daughters’ interest in singing, something which they have always enjoyed.

By the way, the only previous experience the two girls had in the past was the traditional public school music class. When asked if she sees any advantage in taking online music lessons with a Nabi instructor, she agrees: the girls, who are both shy, feel more comfortable and enjoy their singing lessons more than before. “What I like about Nabi Music is the opportunity for my girls to get one on one attention versus being in a classroom setting”, she explains. This way, the two girls can focus on learning instead of being concerned about what their classmates could be thinking.

Sara’s daughters were lucky because they have a concerning mom who was aware of how the traditional education system does not always fit well with certain personalities or needs. Unluckily, this is not the case of many children who are still stuck in their classrooms getting bored. How many children who may be naturally talented for music may waste their gift because they feel uncomfortable with 20 pairs of eyes focused on them?

Sara’s experience with Nabi Music

If you are considering signing up your child for online music lessons, doing it with Nabi Music is simple and won’t take you longer than 3 minutes.

Shortly after signing up in Nabi Music and creating her Family Studio, the girls were paired with her new instructor, Angela M., an experienced instructor of people of all ages, who, as a singer, has sung as a Principal Artist at the Metropolitan Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago and many other regional opera companies and orchestras, as well as in concert at Carnegie Hall. Being available for online lessons, the fact they live in different states is not an obstacle, and Sara couldn’t be happier: “she was great at introducing singing to the girls. They learned different techniques and ways to warm up their vocal cords as well as learned some new songs”. But that’s not all. According to Sara, the girls do not only enjoy the time of the lesson but keep singing afterward! And by now, she has already noticed improvements in their technique.

The unique pros of singing lessons

Singing lessons offer all kinds of benefits for children and adults alike. When you learn singing techniques, you do not only enjoy yourself but also improve your health: your breathing, your posture, you even get better sleep quality. The taste for songs and the sounds of the human voice is wired in our brains since every culture explores and enjoys singing one way or another. Sadly, most adults believe they cannot sing and refrain from doing it unless they are in the shower. Signing up a child for music lessons is almost a guarantee they’ll never stop doing something they enjoy that much.

Sara is happy with her decision to become part of the Nabi Music community: “since having lessons the girls have taken a bigger interest in singing as well as singing accurately by hitting the notes and pitch. It allowed them to see a different side to singing and to get a better understanding of music. It was very valuable for them”.

Thank you, Sara, and welcome you and your girls to Nabi Music!

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