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The perfect Christmas Gift: Music

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Dec 17, 2019 10:29:46 AM

As Christmas approaches, many children write their letters to Santa asking for their Christmas gift of choice and are full of wonderful illusions. We parents want them to receive a perfect present because we remember those good old days of our childhood. Unfortunately, we all know that the desired Christmas toys may end up their days collecting dust on a shelf. Young children many times base their preferences on advertising, fashion, or things their friends already have.

Wouldn’t it be
great if we could make those Christmas illusions last forever and turn them
into life goals, into real dreams? Considering this, a musical instrument may
be the ideal Christmas gift! Now that your children are still young, it is the
best time to pass on the love of music, a love that will stay with them all
their life!

Never too early, never too late

Although the ideal age for taking up music lessons is around 6-years-old, young babies and toddlers may still appreciate the gift of music. Perhaps you could pick for them a xylophone, a percussion kit, a musical toy, CDs or musical videos. It is never too early to enjoy the music! In fact, many famous musicians have started playing some instruments when they were really young.

In the same way, it is never too late to sign your child up to music lessons. Even if they are already on their teens, they could still enjoy learning to play a musical instrument. It will be great for their social skills, as they will meet new people who share their interests and make new friends. And don’t worry thinking about your child not being “naturally talented” for music: although there is something as musical intelligence, it has little to do against perseverance, a strong will to learn, and a daily music practice!

In any case, there are many, many benefits from playing music! A child that takes music lessons will improve their attention and memory, their listening, and their fine motor… Music helps children relax, express their feelings and release all that extra energy! Last but not least, another advantage of music practice is that it helps children get used to healthy habits and routines. Seeing that, wouldn’t you agree that the gift of music is much more than what you can wrap in a fancy paper?

A Christmas gift everyone can enjoy

If you and your
partner already play some music, still better! The gift of music is perfect for
bonding with your children. In fact, many families enjoy performing together
(you don’t need a stadium or a big theatre; it doesn’t matter if it’s just
playing instruments in the living room after dinner!). You will have a
wonderful time singing together, sharing songs from different times,
communicating and connecting through this amazing activity anyone can enjoy.

Just picture it! Any given evening after dinner, everyone takes out their favorite instrument, you share a cup of tea and you play music instead of lingering in front of the TV or playing with the cell phones. It may become a whole tradition that your family passes down to future generations. And it may all start this December, with you choosing a new guitar as a Christmas gift for your son or daughter!

Just in case, make
sure your child shows some interest in a certain instrument before spending big
bucks on it. In any case, keep the receipt in case your child decides to
exchange it for another instrument. Here
you may find some useful tips on how to help your child choose the right
musical instrument.

What if they already play an instrument?

So your daughter
takes piano lessons a few times after school? If your children already play a
musical instrument, you don’t need to buy a new one (unless they actually like
to collect them, but it is better to focus on learning and practicing one,
which already takes time). However, it may be a great idea to get them
something related to their musical practice: accessories (such as pedals, or a
folding music stand), sheet music, books about music, etc.

However, the best Christmas gift you could ever give them is to hear them play! Going to their Christmas concerts, asking them to play something for the guests, rejoicing in their performances, and of course, praising them for all of their efforts, all of those are the best ways to get involved in your child’s music practice. Even more, that way you will boost their confidence and self-esteem, bring them closer to you, and thus make a wonderful, ever-lasting present money cannot buy! And isn’t that precisely the Christmas spirit we are trying to instill?

Let them experience music!

Even if you are on a tight budget this year and you can’t afford a brand new musical instrument, you can still give your children a musical gift. For instance, you can prepare a playlist with all of their favorite Christmas songs and listen to it while you decorate some Christmas cookies or you write Christmas cards for their friends. Also, you can go together to a performance! There is no need to spend money on tickets when you can listen together to an orchestra in the park, or a choir in the nearest church. At last, you can prepare some “coupons” for music lessons they can take up after the holidays once they go back to school.

If you like playing
music yourself, why not composing a song especially for your children? It is
easier than you think! It doesn’t have to be a huge hit, just make sure you let
out your feelings. You can make an event out of it, performing the song for the
first time during Christmas Eve, or after they open their Christmas gifts. And
thanks to today’s technology, you can also easily record your song and use it
in a photo clip with pictures of them from different times of the year.

Do you agree that
there is no better Christmas gift than the gift of music?

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