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Musical presents for babies and toddlers

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Dec 1, 2020 11:45:31 AM

Now that Thanksgiving is over, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, most of us have started our Christmas shopping list! To avoid the stress of the last-minute rush, it is better to take your time and carefully select the gifts for everyone on your list. Today, we’ll start with the littlest ones, babies and young children who are maybe living their first Christmas season, or maybe they are already expecting to see Santa’s sled because their older siblings already caught their interest and curiosity…

Anyway, if you are reading this blog, you probably want suggestions on gifts related to music, right? So here are a few ideas for the little ones to enjoy!

Is it too early for a musical instrument?

We are talking about babies and toddlers here. Is your child, your grandchild, your niece, or your nephew too young for receiving a musical instrument? Not at all! First, even if we are talking about a newborn, passing down a family gift (for instance, giving your baby niece that special violin that once belonged to your grandmother) is a way to fit her into a family tradition. Of course, she won’t play it for at least for several years, yet her parents can keep it for her!

Something I ask you both as a parent and as a music lover is to PLEASE try to stay away from those noisy battery toys that elicit the same little tune over and over. The baby may get scared, or worse: the baby may actually like them, but you’ll drive the parents insane! Of course, some of them are didactic, produce a bunch of different sounds and tunes, and sometimes they even allow lowering the volume. If that’s the case, ok, you are allowed to choose that little toy piano or farmhouse…

But when it comes to creating musical awareness, and turning a child’s interest towards music, the more functions the toy has, the less the child plays and learns. If the baby can already pick up things with her little hands, she will definitely enjoy simple instruments, such as a rattle, a bell (here are some great, colorful ones from TangTanger), or a tambourine, such as this wooden one from Manhattan Toy Store for only $8.

Check out also this cute Baby Maracitos Set by Edushape, you can purchase them only for $11! Or these lovely wrist rattlers by Infantino, that even newborns can enjoy while discovering how their body moves! Or this amazing wooden drum set from Baby Einstein, safe from 6 months or plus. All of these toys (and many more, these are just a few suggestions) allow the child to experience the music, not just to listen to it!

For walking toddlers

If the child is already a toddler, and she can sit and has gained the ability for manipulating some objects, your choices are even wider! Check out, for example, these suggestions:

  • Hape Mini Band Instrument Set: it’s a five-piece wooden instrument music set for kids that’s recommended for creating musical awareness, developing fine motor skills, and having lots of fun! Your youngest child can share it with older siblings and create their first family band! It includes a tunable ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle, and rainmaker. You can purchase it on Amazon for $38.
  • HABA Shakin Eggs: This didactic toy is both musically and visually appealing to babies and toddlers! Each egg does a different sound, and soon little children will associate the color with the corresponding sound through experimentation and play. The blue egg actually requests some exploration by the kid, since it can be twisted! They are available for $20.
  • Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box: Another amazing instrument set, perfectly safe for the little ones, visually attractive, it includes 10 different pieces to expose the child to different tones, rhythms, and volumes. It comes in a beautiful craft wooden box, and it will be appealing for children aged 3 to 6. It is currently available on Amazon for $17.49.
  • Top Bright Wooden Xylophone for Kids: Something great about this instrument is that it helps children learn the musical notes! As they grow up, they’ll even learn how to play some easy little tunes. Once your toddler has learned the letters, they will gain the ability to identify each note by its notation! You can buy this toy on eBay for $30.
  • Auris 7-Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel: With a top-quality design and made from state-of-the-art materials, this wonderful instrument is designed for “children’s aural needs”, according to the manufacturer. You can purchase it online for $73. Sure, it is more expensive, but the sound quality you’ll get will make you a long-lasting musical present!

And if we don’t get her an instrument, then what?

If you don’t want to buy your baby a musical instrument (maybe because she already has plenty, of perhaps you want to wait a little longer and let her choose her musical instrument according to her personality), you can still find plenty of musical presents for babies and toddlers available. How about a book about music? Or an official nursery rhyme book? Some of them are interactive, and children can push buttons to listen to different sounds and tunes!

What about tickets for a music play nearby? It may not be the best year for going to crowded spaces… Nowadays, interesting events are being broadcasted online, although babies and toddlers may be still too young to enjoy them, or to pay much attention to what is happening on a screen. For that same reason, perhaps you should wait a little bit to sign them up for music lessons: once they are 3 years old or older, they will enjoy them much more! So you’d better wait for the following Christmas.

We’ll be here in Nabi Music, also waiting for your little one to join in when the time comes! In the meantime, enjoy these precious moments with your baby! These are priceless, unique times for parenting! So get ready to live a wonderful Christmas with your whole family!

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