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My Free Trial Lesson Experience on Nabi Music

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 9, 2020 1:46:17 PM

So it all came up to this! I finally took my free trial music lesson and it was amazing! In this brief article, I will tell you all about my experience so you can judge for yourself the many benefits it has to offer and maybe try it on your own. It is really simple to do so, and you have nothing to lose!

A week before: making up my mind

I am a huge music lover myself, but I haven’t taken music lessons in a very long time. When I was a child I was part of the school choir, and later, in my teens, I took some piano lessons for a year or so. And that was it! It’s been a while since I dusted my keyboard and took some time to play a few chords or scales.

But I wanted to see for myself how all this worked, so I decided to sign up and request a trial piano lesson. Before taking the trial, you must request an instructor. In a previous article I shared my experience of how to request a music instructor. The whole process was simple and didn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Immediately before, I received a confirmation in my email inbox telling me I’d soon receive applications from instructors and that I must chose my favorite and book my trial lesson.

Three days before: reviewing applications

Shortly after, applications came by one by one. There were more than 10 piano teachers available, all of them fully qualified! When you click into the invitation, you can see the tutor’s profile, years of experience, and bio. I noticed many of them teach more than one instrument! Although I think any of them would have been great, I had to make up my mind and I chose Inés V. as my future music teacher.

Besides having an impressive trajectory and formation, one thing I liked about her is that she kindly offered to teach the lessons in Spanish because she acknowledged I was from Argentina –in any case, my name sounds Latin enough, I think. Despite I speak English quite fluently, I thought after such a long time without taking music lessons, the foreign language factor could put more pressure on my shoulders, so this musician’s offer was too good to let go!

Two days before: booking the lesson

After you select the tutor, you can book the lesson. You have to select a day and a time according to the availability they offer. One thing to take into account when you book the lesson is that your time zone may or may not be the same as the teacher’s. This is something you have to check beforehand.

I received an email with the details for the call we would have two days later. This time, the video platform we used was Zoom, and it worked pretty much ok. Of course, like in any video platform, you have to get ready for technical eventualities, such as a momentary sound delay or such. But given the fact that the music tutor and I were more than 5000 miles apart from one another, I must say the connectivity was great!

One hour before: getting everything ready at home

So, the day had finally arrived! I must confess I was a little nervous since I haven’t played my keyboard in front of a teacher in like fifteen years. Fortunately, I knew how to prepare for online music lessons: I made sure the instrument was properly plugged and working ok, I locked my children with their dad (who kept them busy playing board games all the time so they wouldn’t interrupt mummy!), and I connected not one, but two devices: one webcam focusing the keyboard and my hands, and the cell phone towards my face, so my tutor and I could chat a little!

I believe this was a great idea since Inés could see my hands playing the keys and, at the same time, it gave us the face-to-face interaction you expect in a private music lesson. By the way, if you, like me, are also taking your first steps in learning piano or keyboard, check out my tips for online piano lessons beginners!

During the lesson: having fun and learning!

So right on time, we were connecting already! She introduced herself to me and then asked me about my previous experiences with music. I told her I had taken piano lessons a long time ago in studio, with a piano teacher, whom I met the traditional way (he was recommended by another student). How about my music preferences? What do I want to achieve during my piano lessons? What are my basic learning goals? She later asked me to perform a little bit (play a major scale) to see how much I remembered, that way we’d know where we stand.

This didn’t take long! Shortly after, my tutor already proposed a basic exercise that could reinforce some of my previous knowledge while, at the same time, teach me something completely new. Following her suggestion, in this case, I learned a little theory about the circle of fifths, which may come in handy when it comes to understanding scales and chords. She explained it to me in a clear way, perfectly balancing some simple, theoretical explanation, with practical exercises.

I must add she was kind and patient the whole time, and fully supportive! I didn’t feel nervous at all a few minutes after the lesson started. Simply put, she was a great music instructor and I’d recommend her any time!

After the lesson

Once the lesson is over, you can review your instructor. You assign them stars and you can write a comment. This way, other students can benefit from your experience and find a music instructor according to their expectations and needs. Last, tutors also review you as a student, which is also great for the platform to work.

Well, that was my fruitful experience with my trial lesson on Nabi Music. Did you sign up for yours already? How did it go? Tell us in the comments!

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