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Melodic Diaries: Eric S. and the smooth sounds of the trumpet

Posted by nabimusic on Jul 3, 2020 8:14:38 PM

Hello, everyone. I’m Eric Swartz; I’m a trumpeter from Florida. Welcome to my Melodic Diaries!

Back when I was only six years old, the first instrument I learned to play was the piano. Fun fact: I’m the first musician in my family. My parents... Read More

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Tools for Teaching Music Composition Online

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 25, 2020 2:11:30 PM

Many music teachers play more than one instrument, and they can perform very well! When you sign up as a music tutor, perhaps you decide you feel more comfortable teaching what you consider your main instrument, whether the guitar, the drums, the...

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My Free Trial Lesson Experience on Nabi Music

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Jun 9, 2020 1:46:17 PM

So it all came up to this! I finally took my free trial music lesson and it was amazing! In this brief article, I will tell you all about my experience so you can judge for yourself the many benefits it has to offer and maybe try it on your own. It...

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How to Introduce Yourself to Your Music Students for the First Time

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on May 21, 2020 12:56:36 PM

Perhaps you have been teaching music for a long time in the same school, but still, this is the first time you are teaching a choir or a marching band. Or maybe you are about to give a trial lesson to a possible new private student. In any case,...

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A Music Teacher True Story: Introducing Melodic Diaries & Lessons in Sessions

Posted by nabimusic on May 19, 2020 1:18:35 PM

Dear Nabi instructors,

In January 2020, we started to shape a new dream: an innovative music learning experience that would bring together parents, children, and music instructors from all around the globe. Only four months later, we are so proud...

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How to Find the Best Music Instructor

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on May 12, 2020 12:56:18 PM

Music instructors play a huge role in awakening their student’s love for music. They are not only teaching how to play the right chord on the keyboard or how to tune a guitar; they are passing down a gift! And music is a passion that may last a...

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How to Keep Music Students Involved While Distance Learning

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Apr 28, 2020 11:32:27 AM

Online music lessons are here to stay! Not only because of the Covid-19 crisis that is forcing us to stay at home, but also because this new methodology has got too many advantages to overlook them. Online music lessons allow us to avoid commuting,...

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