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Guitar Lessons Online: Tips for Getting Started and Making Progress

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Apr 7, 2020 4:51:22 PM

Are you ready for taking guitar lessons online? In a previous article, we explained the advantages of online music lessons, and why keeping the music playing is way more important than you think, especially on these hard times of social isolation....

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Jazz vs. Classical Instruction: How to Choose

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Mar 5, 2020 11:07:15 AM
When teaching your students, the biggest choice you –and them- have to make is whether to opt for jazz vs. classical instruction, the most complex categories of art music. Indeed, few people would dedicate more than a few minutes to consider if... Read More

Topics: Music Practice, Tips for Musicians, Routines, Instructors, Jazz Music, Classical Music

Practice is the key for a young musician’s success

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Dec 4, 2019 12:29:34 PM

Have you practiced enough today? We hardly ever find the time. However, if you really want to make it in the music industry, or at least make an income doing something you love, it is the only way. Because do you know what is the difference...

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