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Welcome to V3: Nabi Music Becomes Simpler, Striking & Smoother

Posted by nabimusic on Jul 23, 2020 3:43:36 PM

Right from the start, Nabi Music has had one goal in mind: to bring music teachers and families together! We want more people to share their love of music; we want more children to benefit from the wonderful experience of learning to play a musical instrument; we want parents to be relaxed and confident that they are relying on high-qualified professional instructors; we want music teachers to find more and better-paid jobs doing what they like the most. So to do that, we keep reinventing ourselves. We keep exploring new options to make the user experience simpler and more satisfactory for all: tutors, students, and their parents alike. This past Tuesday, we launched a new version of our web app that makes the navigation and booking experience simpler and smoother than ever!

Here we want to share highlights of the new changes, but of course, you can always check for yourself! Registration is totally free, so you can explore the site and see all of the options available.

Changes for instructors:


We turned the old Dashboard into a Studio. The Instructor Studio features a cleaner interface that helps instructors interact with their students more easily and allows them to manage students, submit lesson feedback, and get a reminder of their upcoming lessons. Just as if you were jamming with your band or playing your instrument in the comfort of your own studio, in our website we also wanted to create a space in which you feel comfortable. And we’re sure that in our new Instructor Studio you’ll feel right where you belong!



New Student Requests

When new students come in, they request an instructor. A request contains some details about the lesson such as student’s age, name, instrument, and skill level. As an instructor, you don't need to worry about other specifications! You can always get to them once you meet your student. Student requests accept 7 applications before they get closed, so make sure you are actively applying if you are an instructor and are seeking for new students.



Changes for parents and students:

Lesson details

To find a music instructor you just need to specify the student’s name, age, instrument, and skill level. This info will be shared with all the instructors that teach the specified instrument. When it comes to selecting the instrument, by default you’ll get the five most popular choices: guitar, piano, ukulele, violin, and singing. But, as you may already know, Nabi Music offers at least 60 different instruments for you and your children to learn, including music theory and composition, and some music software! You get to any of those by selecting the “Other” option. As for the level, choose the one that better suits your child’s previous experience. If you are in doubt whether you should consider them a beginner or an intermediate (for instance, if they have taken lessons before, but so long ago you fear they must have forgotten everything by now), always select the lower level: the instructor will surely notice if they can move forward faster if that’s the case.



Lesson Scheduling

On the next screen, you can already book the trial lesson on your day and time of choice! We added a scheduling feature that makes it simple for parents to book their children’s next lesson: users just need to select the date and time for the lesson and voilá, their new lesson is scheduled! You won’t be receiving individual applications as in our previous version. Here at Nabi Music, we’ll select a tutor that fits your needs and can teach the lesson at the requested schedule, and that is IT! And one last thing: with users from everywhere in the world, keep in mind the timezone corresponds to the user's location. By default, the timezone is set to Eastern Standard.



Booking Details

Once users schedule their lessons, we show them a friendly summary of their booking details. This screen will tell you that your child's lesson is already schedule, and it will display the date & time, how long the lesson will last, the instrument, and a reminder that the instructor’s details will be provided upon confirmation. Could it be simpler? This is one of those screens that makes the Nabi Music interface feel like you are interacting with a human. It’s like when you book a holiday package and later you receive a brochure with the date & time of the plane tickets, pictures of the hotel, the excursion trips you pre-paid, etc. so you can see for yourself you are heading towards your dream vacation and everything will go according to your plans!



The Family Studio

Last but definitely not least, is the Family Studio. The Family Studio is our front-end engineers’ most favorite addition. This screen gives parents a beautiful view of their children’s lesson schedule. With the Family Studio, parents can manage their children’s lessons, buy more lessons, and view the lesson details such as date/time, status, assigned instructor and grade. They can also reschedule any upcoming lessons in any case they need to. It is a personalized agenda that will help you keep track of the time schedule and never lose a single lesson!



In less than a year, Nabi Music has grown into a huge community of music enthusiasts from all over the country, and even from different parts of the world. We are so grateful and proud of what we have accomplished so far, but at the same time, we know this is just the beginning. Every day we keep searching for new ways to further enhance the user experience, to make it easier for instructors and students alike. Now, we invite you to take a look and see for yourself: with our new version, signing up in Nabi Music is simpler and smoother than ever! We’ll be waiting for you to join in and take an active part in our community!

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