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Where to rent music instruments online

Posted by Mariana Del Rosal on Oct 8, 2020 12:14:18 PM

Owning your music instrument is great. If you love music and it is already a huge part of your life, you may consider investing in a professional guitar, a terrific keyboard, or any other instrument you choose. No matter which instrument you play, after a while it will become your most beloved possession, and feel like a part of you!

However, for some people, renting may be the best choice. In this article, we will briefly explain the advantages of renting an instrument and provide some useful websites you can go to when looking for your instrument of choice.

Why renting instead of purchasing?

Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for renting an instrument instead of buying one:

Because you (or your children) want to try a new instrument

Maybe your kid loves music, and you are helping her decide among many different musical instruments. She should be given the chance to try and change her mind later! If you spend a lot of money in a drum set and later she decides she’s more comfortable singing, you’ll inevitably regret spending the money and she may feel obligated to carry on playing an instrument she doesn’t lie as much. Renting musical instruments will let you or your children try different options before committing in the long term.

Because you are on a tight budget

Some instruments, such as the flute, the guitar, or the ukulele, are easy to find and you can find some basic models without spending too much money. With the guitar, for instance, you can always buy a cheap one for the first few lessons and later upgrade to a better model. But there are other instruments, such as the orchestral instruments, that are really expensive. You may have fallen in love with the cello, the clarinet, or the harp, and decide you really want to learn, but if you don’t have enough money you won’t find “cheap” versions of them! Renting an instrument may allow you to keep on learning and improving, while you save money for a bigger investment ahead.

Because you will only play the instrument for a special occasion

Imagine you play the ukulele and the guitar, but for a special gig your band requests you to add another popular string instrument, such as the banjo, in one of the songs. Instead of spending so much money on an instrument you’ll rarely play, you can rent one. Just make sure you get to practice a few times before actually playing it in front of an audience. This is because no matter how similar they look, each particular instrument has its tricks.

Where can I rent a musical instrument?

Many musicians rent some of their instruments in order to make some extra cash. And fortunately, there are also several websites available where you may find the exact music instrument you were looking for! Here are some pages where you can rent music instruments online:

- Rent my Instrument: The perfect website if you are looking forward to renting some of your instruments, or if you are looking for an instrument to rent, it offers free shipping and 100% Covid-free certification. There are many instruments available, such as woodwinds and brasses, most of the orchestra chord instruments, and percussion sets. If later you decide you want to upgrade and buy, they offer important discounts.

- Music & Arts: This website is ideal for schools, music directors, and music teachers. They offer more than 400 stores in different locations spread among 36 different States, and free shipping for schools. They also have instrument repairmen services available.

- Music Rental Central: It offers nationwide shipping across the USA, and it is perfect for students who need any kind of orchestra instruments. They deliver the instrument ready to be played in about 2 to 4 business days. Rental includes all the necessary accessories and maintenance kit for each instrument. Repairs and insurances are covered in the rental fee. They also have a complete rent-to-own section for those students who have decided they want to keep the instrument for good.

- Rent from Home: Another website that offers educator-approved rental services, as well as discounts if you later want to buy the instrument. On the homepage, you can search for stores according to your school or by your zip code. Something interesting about this website is that they offer a free-month rent for every referred friend, something that may come in handy when several people in the same band need to rent instruments.

- Music for Rent: They offer easy online instrument rentals as well as discounts for early purchases. Something interesting about their website is that they show a price range for most of the instruments of each of the different families, so you can have an idea of how much you could spend, comparing rental and purchasing values.

- The Music Store Inc: This website offers more than just orchestra instruments, as it also includes DJ, lighting, stage, keyboards, books, amplifiers, etc. If you are looking forward to playing in a rock band, better take a look here first!

- SIR: Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) is a company that has been providing their services from 1967, and they offer all kinds of solutions to professional musicians. Perhaps not the best for a small school marching band, but perfect if your rock band is given an opportunity for your big break and you lack some equipment.

Now you have several options to go find your instrument of choice online! A few tips before renting, check out the insurance policy (you never know if your rented instrument may end up getting damaged or stolen), and what kind of upgrade programs they offer because most of these websites give important discounts if you rent an instrument and later you decide you want to buy it or purchase a new one.

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